lördag 30 november 2013

Live-blogging from Röda Sten Christmas market

Just a quick hello from Röda Sten Christmas market! Keeping busy, 2000 people came and supported us artists and designers yesterday! Not bad at all!

And thank you!

During the market I'll have some "reduced-special-market-prices" on some of the items. Hopefully you'll find a nice gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself. See you in the crowd!

tisdag 19 november 2013

Announcing market #3

Hello friends! Today I can finally announce that I will attend HDK:s Julmarknad. The market is being held at Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk (HDK) at Kristinelundsgatan 6-8 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The market is being arranged by us student at the school. 

Please come and visit us on the following dates and hours:
Friday 6/12 16-19
Saturday 7/12 11-17
Sunday 8/12 11-17

You can also read more about the market here.

söndag 17 november 2013

Paper ornament

Perhaps you'll see this in the shop soon... Or at least at Röda sten Christmas market on these dates:

Röda Sten Konsthall Göteborg, Sweden
Fredag 29 november kl.17-20
Lördag 30 november kl.12-17

Söndag 1 december kl.12-17

More information here.

söndag 10 november 2013

Mass producing

This weekend I'm in the process of mass producing products in tons of amazing colours for the upcoming Christmas markets. What have you been up to? 

fredag 8 november 2013

Soon in Korea

My ring Citron was featured in a brochur handed out at the 35th Seoul International Women's Associations Bazar (SIWA). The brochur was made by the Swedish company Scandinique as a pre-launch sneak peak of their webshop were you'll soon be able to buy my accessories. All products are made in Sweden/Scandinavia.

I hope Kalas will be well received in Korea.

torsdag 7 november 2013

Announcing market #2

Market #2 that I will attend with my creations this coming months is being held by my studio collective Ateljé Under Uppbyggnad here in Gothenburg. Last year we arranged our first Market and gladly we're hosting one this year aswell. The event is being planned as i write so I can only give you the date for now, but I'll of course tell you more about it when I have all the info.

Molinsgatan 15, Gothenburg, Sweden.


tisdag 5 november 2013

Röda Sten Christmas market

As I told you yesterday yours truly will attend some Christmas markets here in Gothenburg and now I can announce that one of those markets is Röda Stens Julmarknad. 

The market is open:

Fredag 29 november kl.17-20
Lördag 30 november kl.12-17
Söndag 1 december kl.12-17

For more information please click here.

måndag 4 november 2013

Markets & X-mas specials

It's soon the season for Christmas markets, and yours truly will attend some of them (in Gothenburg, Sweden) as a seller (will give you more detailed information soon). At the markets I'll of course sell pieces from the whole Kalas series, such as earrings, rings, headbands, necklaces and bracelets, but also cat magnets and ornaments for example.
I know some of you can't make it to Sweden, but don't worry I'll have a Christmas special in the shop just for you. I'll announce it here on the blog in a few days, so keep your eyes open.